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Air Strikes On Isis Worry Family Of French Runaway | Womens Enews

"She never supported the use of violent means though," said her brother, who described his sister as having a quiet routine. "She didn't use to go out unless to the mosque on Fridays to attend the congregational prayer. She didn't use to hang out with friends and used to spend most of her time at home." His sister did not follow international politics in general, he said, but whenever she watched TV coverage of the war in Syria she expressed sadness and desire to help civilians. Now, however, Sarah and others like her are at the fulcrum of French foreign policy. On Sept. 15, top diplomats gathered in Paris to decide a common action to fight the Islamic State in Syria, and to support U.S. military strategy. For Ali Mehemmi this raises acute anxiety about his sister's safety. Like other families with members who have joined the jihadis in Syria, he wants the French government to do more to safeguard his sister.
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