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Deinove Announces Its Participation In The Large & Midcap Event - Yahoo Finance

On this occasion, Emmanuel Petiot, CEO of DEINOVE, will present the Company, its development strategy and its latest news, in one-to-one meetings. DEINOVE is committed to meet on a regular basis with the financial community. Investors can also find updated information on the Company's website ( ) and contact the investor relations team by writing to About DEINOVE DEINOVE (Alternext Paris: ALDEI) is changing the green chemistry domain by designing and developing new bioproduction standards based on bacteria of yet untapped potential: the Deinococci. By taking advantage of their singular genetic properties and their unusual robustness, DEINOVE optimizes the metabolic and fermentative capacities of these natural "micro-factories" to create high value-added products from non-food biomass. The Company's primary markets are 2nd generation biofuels (DEINOL) and alternative chemical compounds for petroleum-derived products (DEINOCHEM), in which DEINOVE offers its technology to global industrial partners.
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