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The First Man To Marry In France Shares His Love Affair With Montpellier

If you open a place just for gay people it wont work. Because you have lots of students here, lots of people passing through, lots of nationalities so it is very mixed. And people want to go where they are with their friends. Two of the gay venues Autin tips are Heaven, a bar on Rue Delpech mostly aimed at gay men, and Le Moom , a bar and nightclub on Rue Colot, both in the citys historic center. But it is with the gay pride, called the Diversity Parade, on the first week in June, the LGBT community of Frances eighth city really comes alive. Held on the first week of June it is one of the biggest annual events in Montpellier and this year attracted 28,000 people. Autin is the president of the pride, elected for two years and boasts how the streets are lined with rainbow flags and the parade proudly progresses through the heart of the city. All this is run from the little LGBT office on the edge of the historic center of Montpellier. We visited this nerve center, owned by the LGBT community, from where 36 gay organizations operate. Huge banners around the room read a simple message Yes to Marriage for All. But more personal is the protest banner in the corner which Autin told us, belongs to his mom.
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