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Was Belgium Shooting Suspect Western Hostages' Captor? -

Portrayal of lost, perverse young man Le Monde reports that the French internal security directorate, the DGSI, passed information to the counterterrorism section of the Paris prosecutor's office on Nemmouche's suspected role based on testimony from former hostages. The witness accounts vary, the newspaper reports, with some saying it was "possible" Nemmouche was one of the captors, while others were more certain. According to certain witnesses, Le Monde says, Nemmouche was only a lowly member of ISIS tasked with guarding the Western hostages -- but he showed great brutality and committed serious abuses. The account given by Henin -- one of four French hostages released in April -- to Le Point appears to bear out that characterization. It paints a picture of Nemmouche as an egotist and storyteller, a lost, perverse young man who sees jihad as a route to the notoriety he craves. He allegedly guarded Western hostages then held in a former hospital in Aleppo, Syria, that had been transformed into a prison. Henin says he was his captor between July and December of last year. "When Nemmouche was not singing, he would torture," Henin is quoted as saying. He alleges Nemmouche was part of a small group of French jihadists who would terrorize about 50 Syrian prisoners held in the neighboring cells. "Every evening, the blows would start to rain down in the room where I myself had been interrogated," he recalls.
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